Why candidates choose Conway

As the Headhunter of choice for the management consultant, we focus on offering the management consultant every opportunity to further their career. This could be in Big4/tier1 consulting, niche consulting, industry, contracting or international placements.

Led by an ex-consulting Partner, we have the knowledge and experience to work with candidates from strategy through to delivery; from Consultant grade through to Partner level (we have placed Partners in Digital, Analytics, Change Management,Transactions and M&A in the last two years).

We work very closely with both client and candidate. Regularly meeting the very top executives, we are in a position to truly explain what a career move would mean for you. This often involves informal conversations to begin with but the end result is a market leading conversion rate. This conversion rate is also supported by our thorough briefings before each and every interview. Once at offer, we need to make sure the offer is right for you – not necessarily in terms of monetary package but also in terms of ensuring your fit in the target team through informal drinks and the opportunity to cover off any outstanding career path questions with senior stakeholders.

Most candidates stay in touch and we meet all candidates a month after placement to ensure the fit is perfect and on a continuing basis, provide independent advice regarding promotion rounds and as a sounding board. It is a foundation stone that leads to us being a trusted advisor to all candidates.

We are passionate about being the best Headhunter and Executive Search company for the management consultant. If you would like independent advice on your career, please contact us.